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MariAnn `s family - was founded in 2011 by two outrageous girls, with their own innovative views on musical creativity. This project, which is unparalleled worldwide. When you have not yet seen, when the mother and daughter are at a console and not make a unforgettable show for you. Prospective representative Dj-Coy in the culture of music, like Electro, Electrohouse / Electroclash, House, Progressive House. Relatively recently, appearing at the sites of nightclubs, MariAnn's family had already won the sympathy of the public and get public recognition. These sets are distinguished by the sensuality and emotion, brightness and originality. According to promoters, one of the most striking scene of club shows. Known club hits and old motifs 90, transformed the audience right in front of new improvisations. Created production center of Kiev Music Light. Is it full-time residents.

четверг, 13 октября 2011 г.

MariAnn`s family - Click Time № 008

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